The Szeged Center for Security Policy is a joint project of the Municipal Government of the City of Szeged, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the University of Szeged.
The Center functions as a public foundation.
The Center has its headquarters at Oroszlán u. 2, H-6720 Szeged.

The above aims define the activities and tasks of the Center. Of these the following are especially important:
  The activities of the Center are built on three pillars:

1. scientific research
2. education
3. dissemination of knowledge

In order to realise these objectives, the Center will engage in the following activities:

The Center will organise a major annual conference. Between the annual conferences, the Center will organise seminars for politicians, diplomats, military leaders, prominent businessmen coming from neighbouring countries. Forums and public lectures on security policy are also envisaged with the participation of foreign and Hungarian experts for an intended audience made up of the inhabitants of the region in general and university students and young people in particular.
The Center will use these events to show the audience the components of our young democracy at local, county and national level, to explore the workings of local government and to examine the security policy aims and economic opportunities of Hungary and other regional players (Austria, Slovakia, the Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia)

The Center will provide an opportunity to representatives of  the countries of the region to express their opinion and make contact with each other.
The Center will also provide a working channel of communication between international organisations (UN, OSCE, EU, WEU, NATO, WB, EBRD etc) and political, business and scientific organisations in the region.

Drawing on its scientific background and a Hungarian and foreign network of experts, the Szeged Center for Security Policy is capable of providing quick analysis of topical events concerning Hungary and the region as well as to adopt a well-founded position and provide consulting.

Through these events the Center will contribute to the Euro-Atlantic integration of the region, to the establishment and strengthening of relations and dialogue between the Euroregion and the Balkan countries, to the speeding up of the process of democratisation, to the building of confidence and security, to the prevention of crises and under the given circumstances to the organisation of conferences on reconstruction.

The Szeged Center for Security Policy is in a position to meet the necessary personnel and  objective requirements including suitable lecture halls. The establishment of an information center and a reference library is underway.

The Center will seek to cover the costs of this year’s programs relying on its own resources (founding capital, funding by the local government of Szeged, donations of companies working in the region and contributions from international organisations) as well as grants won in successful applications.

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