Training Centre

 C - 1 - Security Policy
 C - 2 - Municipalities and regionalism
 C - 3 - Civil controll
 C - 4 - Co-operation and Partnership for Peace
 C - 5 - Municipalities and Environmental Protection
 C - 6 - Courses for secondary school students
 C - 7 - Terrorism
 C - 8 - Municipalities, EU regional policy, institutionaly reforms course
In the framework of the extended Szeged Process having been created in the context of the Stability Pact in order to aid the stabilisation process of South East Europe, the transfer of Hungarian experiences gathered in the accession and integration process will continue in this course for the countries of the region primarily for Serbia-Montenegro and occasionally Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia with the inclusion of experts and representatives of institutions that are committed to the idea of integration and to the European values in Ukraine as well. The main purpose of the course to support meeting the criteria as part of the stabilisation process set out by the EU, to provide knowledge and guidelines to the establishment of the appropriate democratic institutions.

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