Tóth László
László Tóth,
 Szeged Center for Security Policy
Chairman of the Board of Trustees
        The city, located on the river Tisza, is one of the most attractive places in the region. The gently meandering river, the city’s beautiful parks, squares, statues, avenues and boulevards, exquisite buildings and many sights and values speak for themselves. But can this 751 year- old city  – no matter how rich it is in cultural values and economic potential – be more proud of anything than the peace, tranquillity and security it offers to its citizens? Can it continue to serve as a regional cultural centre, a road and railway junction of international importance, a centre of congressional tourism without well-defined and firm security and strategic ideas?
These questions take on a new significance amid the economic and political changes reshaping Europe. Especially if we keep in mind the obvious objective of making the Szeged region one of the most important organisational models of Euroregions.
        It is in the light of the above that the choice of Szeged as the venue of this centre is best understood. Its operation and impact on the region is comparable only to that of mid-century Strasbourg in the western half of Europe or, more precisely, in the Franco-German border region.
        Today, security policy is a sine qua non for world politics. It is an unavoidable part of every day life, international relations, economic co-operation and a condition of tolerance between nations. This is why the Szeged initiative is worthy of attention and support. It is also part of the Szeged Process which started as an offshoot of the Stability Pact…


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